1. My friend Casey comes from Arcata, in Humboldt County, California. Not only does this town sound gorgeous (redwoods!) but they have a giant creature/machine/art creation festival each year called the Kinetic Grand Championship. Teams build these amazing human-powered sculptures that can travel on land and water and they make them in crazy shapes like insects, fish, dragons, teapots, etc. 

    So anyway, until I can get there, this is a drawing of some kinetics for Casey’s new office.


  2. SPX 2014

    (Molly Brooks, Kate Faquhar, Alexander Rothman) = Tablemates! Each year gets better and better. 

    (Jim Dougan, Simon Fraser) = united in love of Beyond Belief

    (Sabin Cauldron, Jude Killory)

    Locust Moon had advance copies of their Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream books. The folks who bought them got sent on a mini-SPX scavenger hunt for the artists to sign their pages. This gentleman was the first of the day. Kudos to them and their tenacity. Those books are heavy.

    The Locust Moon gentlemen behind said awesome/huge book (Andrew Carl, Joshua O’Neill, Chris Stevens)

    (the Cephalopod-Connoisseur-in-Arms, Stephen Vrattos)

    (Ada Price)

    (Alexandra Beguez, with Nick Bertozzi’s Rubber Necker)

    (Andrew Carl and Carey Pietsch)

    (gotta eat)

    And there was SPX Prom (DJ’d by Tony Breed and Shannon Stewart), which was awesome, because getting to dance with your comics friends and jump around until you get dizzy did not happen enough at prior prom-less SPX’s. 

    (blurry, dark image of dancing Neil Brideau and Molly Brooks)

    (Alexander and I tried and failed the lift-prom-photo. He was alright)

    (Kenan Rubenstein does it right)

    (R. Sikoryak and Kriota Willberg won all the dancing. Please have a prom again, SPX, if just to get them to do this again).

    Saw and met so many lovely people, but sadly didn’t get a picture of nearly enough of them. Met some wonderful librarians from the Library of Congress and from local and Pennsylvania public schools. 

    Thank you so much to everyone who came by the table! Thank you to SPX for a wonderful show.


  3. Science Fiction Teen Girl Detectives!

    As Molly Brooks said last night, “OMG it’s working!” They’re here! They exist! We made them!



    The project we’ve been dying to do for way too long, the first stories of the science fiction plucky teen space detectives comic are done! And I’m biased, but Molly’s story, Sanity & Tallulah in S.O.S. will charm the heck out of your sci-fi/friendship loving heart. It’s so so good! 




    Follow best friends Sanity and Tallulah as they discover a distress signal in deep space. Who could’ve sent it and why? As always, Tallulah’s ready to jump right in, but Sanity, a mad scientist-in-the-making, isn’t so sure. Find out the mystery behind the not-so-abandoned spaceship and what it means for our plucky duo. 

    I’ve always been a sucker for aliens, so two short comics introduce Graxa Gamgasher, space beserker/teen girl sleuth, and her best friend, Dodo from Redacted. They live on a diplomatic moon with lots of other aliens and get into a lot of food-related trouble. Mysteries!

    and from #2:

    We’re bringing these to the Small Press Expo this weekend! Table A13a - come get them! and chat about sci fi, we love doing that.


  4. Why I love you, ferret or stoat, snoozing bat.

    And this concludes the WHATCHA ARE series of beloved animals, which was inspired the person in my life who somehow manages to embody all of these creatures: Alexander Rothman.

    About nine years ago, after exchanging lots of comics and making excuses to hang out, we hadn’t quite made it clear what exactly was going on. Not being the best at reading signs, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Then one day, I forgot my roommate’s umbrella at the co-op and he offered to drop it off. I came back to my room and found the umbrella clipped to a drawing of the doofiest, most ridiculous/adorable alien/dragon/monster and realized, “oh! he likes me!”

    Sometimes it takes bold and strange doodles to make the first move. Years of funny animal gifs later, I’m so glad he did. 

    Some highlights: 


  5. SPX is coming!

    Molly Brooks and I are debuting our first science-fiction-plucky-teen-girl-detectives series at SPX 2014 and will be really, really eager to talk about space. And aliens. And buddy cop shows. Seriously, it’s all we’ve been thinking about for ages. 

    It’s back-to-back space mystery adventures with these two sets of teen girl sleuths! Take your pick of two stories: Follow best friends Sanity and Tallulah as they discover a distress signal in deep space. Who could’ve sent it and why? As always, Tallulah’s ready to jump right in, but Sanity, a mad scientist-in-the-making, isn’t so sure. See what they find on an abandoned spaceship and how it’ll change their lives forever. Or meet Graxa Gamgasher, teen space beserker who solves mysteries and wreaks destruction across the diplomatic moon, A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Strong and fearless, she tackles every and any crime head-on with the help of her best friend, Dodo. Who would rip-off alien gangsters at their own headquarters? Who’s sending Dodo S.O.S.’s from the soup? What’s for lunch?

    We’ll be at table A13 along with Alexander Rothman/Ink Brick, and Kate Farquhar!


    Come say hi!

  6. Why I love you, boar and snake, peeping lizard.


  7. YUP/NOPE!

  8. Why I love you, dog, lizard wearing a sock.

  9. Why I love you, elephant, carp


  10. comicsforgrownups:


    It’s Comics for Grownups episode 40 with your hosts: Joshua Malbin, Alexander Rothman, and Andrea Tsurumi, now available for download from iTunes. Direct RSS link for Android users here, or listen on the Web here.

    Here is Seth Kushner’s fundraiser. If you haven’t already,…

  11. Been watching a lot of Mind of a Chef lately. Ramen!

  12. dept-of-research-and-development:

    Ronald Searle is featured on BBC2’s Late Night Line-Up in 1969. He talks about the importance of graphic satire, and how he developed his facility in drawing while captured as a POW during World War II:

    I began to overcome the technical weaknesses in my drawing, simply with a desire to get down what was in front of me.

    (Source: youtube.com)